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The Challenge

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Advances in technology allow companies to introduce new technologies at a mind-boggling rate. This is remarkably present in the “self-publishing” world. Our goal at Rapidsoft Press is to present our clients with a unified, one-stop-shop for all of your publishing requirements.

The Approach

Though we didn’t create the Internet, we did create computer coding process flows that set in motion some of the “under the hood” optimizations that have helped to streamline and optimize what’s become the digital revolution. Rapidsoft Press brings this deep experience to the forefront of publishing.

And with that comes the essential component: communication. Every project has its particular variables. We listen carefully to your specific needs, use our experience to provide suggestions, and tailor solutions to exceed your expectations.

The Results

In a word: Excellence. In a few more words:

Rapidsoft Press provides a range of established services, designing each to your particular specifications, in order to produce a highly-professional finished product.

Our Services:

      Complete Pre-Press Services
      Print-on-Demand Publishing
      Photograph Restoration

Rapidsoft Press offers complete desktop publishing solutions and sophisticated graphics services, including photograph restoration and repair. We have more than 50 years’ experience using and programming computers, 25 years of graphics experience, and 20 years of desktop publishing experience.
We supply professionally prepared publications, from business cards through flyers and even several-hundred-page books.

Explore our Services in more detail.

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robert de niro our american stories

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This is the sad story of a disaster that never should have happened. When the steamship Vestris pulled away from her Hoboken pier on a sunny day in November 1928, headed for Buenos Aires, carrying almost 8,000 tons of cargo, 128 civilian passengers, and 197 crew members, all seemed well. In truth, she was a decrepit old ship, not seaworthy in anything but the best of weather. The weather on this trip would prove too severe for this tired vessel.

She went down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on Monday, November 12, 1928, with the loss of 111 lives, most of them passengers. There were 214 survivors, 60 of them passengers.

These are their stories, told in their own words.

  Published jointly by Rapidsoft Press
and Our American Stories® LLC.